This is a gift guide for anyone in your life who love health & fitness. Whether you are into living a healthy lifestyle or shopping for someone who is, these are some of my favorite finds of 2017! If you ask me there is no better gift than health or something to help you on your journey to health & happiness. Feel free to send this link to your boyfriend, hubby, Mom/Dad, Santa…whoever needs to see it ;).

For the entrepreneur in your life: The Productivity Planner  $24

Time is a precious resource. I feel like we are all trying to get more done in less time which makes productivity a key factor. I have tried what feels like every planner out there and have come to find they are either too complicated or too simple. Ya feel me? Then I found the productivity planner and I have to say it has been a game changer. It is simple yet totally functional and it has helped me become productive AF! Whoever you gift this to will be thanking you for the next year. I also LOVE the 5 Minute Journal if you or someone you know wants to attract more abundance into their life (same link).

For the coffee lover in your life: Mushroom Coffee $12

I have been on a mushroom kick, not that kind lol. I actually hate the way mushrooms taste but I have been trying to incorporate them into my diet wherever possible. My Shakeology, my coffee, you name it! I was skeptical about the whole mushroom and coffee thing, but turns out it is amazing. I make this bullet proof (with ghee + brain octane oil) and it gives me a boost in the AM without the crash. Beyond the energy it really helps my brain get going in the mornings. I am obsessed with everything from this brand, Four Sigmatic. If you know someone who loves coffee and healthy herbs, this is a great gift!

For someone who loves personal growth books: 
The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins $17

This was one of my favorite reads of 2017. A simple concept with the power to help anyone make profound changes. I thought I knew what this book was all about after the first chapter, but turns out it just got better and better. I wish I could summarize this book for you but my best advice would be to order a copy for a friend and grab one for yourself, too. It is THAT good!

For anyone who is active & needs to stay hydrated:  
Klean Kanteen  $24

A good water bottle (no plastic) is important to have both for your health & the environment. This my personal favorite! It is insulated so it keeps drinks both hot and cold without condensation on the outside. It is great for hot yoga or just about anything. I take mine with me everywhere I go.

For your soul sister: The Universe Has Your Back Deck $12 

A daily affirmation deck inspired by the book The Universe Has Your Back. I love starting my day by pulling a card and more often then not it is exactly what I needed to hear. This simple deck of cards can shine light when you need it most.

For your BFF who is always on the go: 
Beachbody On Demand Membership $99

Think Netflix meets fitness- that’s what Beachbody On Demand (BOD) is all about. This is my mobile gym I take with me everywhere! Stream your workouts from your computer, TV, phone, iPad and even download them for when you don’t have internet. There is everything from HIIT training, weigh lifting, to yoga classes and meditations. When you sign up for BOD with the link above you also get me as your free coach to help you every step of the way!

For the girl who loves to lift at home: 
Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells $259

My favorite adjustable dumbbells! These bad boys easily adjust from 5lbs to 52.5lbs with a few clicks. They are an investment but will last you a lifetime. Perfect for someone who is building their own home gym set up.

For the yogi in your life: Lululemon Yoga Mat $68

This mat is life changing! Once I got the 5mm mat I can’t go back. No other mat compares. This mat is sticky which means you don’t need a towel, even in hot yoga. It is also BIG which I love. Not the best for travel but perfect for a home practice or the studio. It is worth splurging for a nice mat! Your yogi friend will thank you.

For someone you really love LOL: The Vitamix $399

The best blender on the market. Hands down. There are many close comparisons but I honestly think it is worth spending the extra money for a Vitamix. You can make just about anything in this thing! Plus it comes with an amazing warranty. I provided a link for Amazon but if you want to save some $$ I recommend looking into a refurbished one or at Costco.

For someone who is busy but loves to cook: 
HelloFresh $60 (save $40 with this link)

Hello Fresh has kept our bellies fully on busy weeknights for a while now! After testing out a lot of the meal delivery services on the market this is our favorite service currently- for quality, meal selection and price. This is like giving someone 3 date nights at home! It makes cooking a gourmet and delicious dinner so simple by sending you everything you need ingredients & recipes. Enjoy!

I hope this guide was helpful for your holiday shopping this year! And always remember there is no better gift than YOUR presence. Happy Holidays everyone! I hope this month is filled with warmth, love and lots of laughter.

What is on your holiday wish list this year?!
I’m curious, comment below!