Let me start of by saying I wasn’t a reader growing up…

Spark notes was my best friend and I can probably count on one hand the number of books I *actually* read cover to cover during my years in the classroom. I never thought I was a “reader”.

I used to scoff when my Dad (who loves books), gifted me a book on every occasion.

“Really Dad, another book?” I would think in my head.

So if you are reading this and thinking you are not a reader I want to challenge you to give these 5 books a try!

I am a reader, I just wasn’t reading books that spoke to my soul, that inspired me or made me STOP and think. These 5 books will change your life…if you let them. And if you do take the time to read any of them, I would love to hear your thoughts. Shoot me an e-mail!

1. The Four Agreements 

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A short but life changing read, four simple agreements to live your life by. I learned so much about myself reading this book and was able to start undoing years of social conditioning. I love sharing this book with others because it is one of those reads I will never forget and often pick up for a reminder, each time I read it I find a deeper meaning.

2. The Go Giver

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Another short but powerful read! I often hear others express they wish they had more to give to others or someday they will have the ability to give abundantly.  I think we often forget we have that power right now. We have so much to give to the world that doesn’t cost a thing. This book totally shifted my perspective on giving and has helped me give more to others.

3. You Are A Bad Ass

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This is another book I have read/listened to multiple times.

Who am I reading books more than once?!

If you are lacking the confidence, belief or balls to live the life of YOUR dreams you must pick up this book. Jen shares some unfiltered real talk that will help you push through anything. It is one of those books I wish I would have read a long time ago!

4. The Goddess Revolution 

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Have you ever struggled with body image? How about your relationship with food?

If so you must read this book. I have been fighting a silent battle with myself for years! I gained a bunch of weight, lost most of it (still wasn’t happy with what I saw), gained a lot of it back and have never been happier. How? Because my happiness isn’t tied to a number or my reflection. We all have the divine right to be happy NOW. This book helped me make peace with my internal struggle and has been a big influence in the message I want to send out to other women. I aim to be a different kind of #fitspo who helps you love yourself today as a constant work in progress.


Order a copy of #GIRLBOSS here! 

Are you an entrepreneur? Or been toying with the idea of finally turning your dreams into reality?!

#GIRLBOSS is a story of how the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal came to be. I loved how relatable this book was as a fellow female entrepreneur who really has no fucking idea what she is doing (that would be me lol) but keeps doing it anyways and refuse to give up. Her book is now a Netflix television series as well, I personally prefer the book.

OKAY so there you have it, 5 books that have greatly influenced my life! I hope you pick one (or all) of them up. This is honestly only a few of my favorite books but I’ll save the rest for a future blog post.

What are 5 of your favorite life changing books?! 
I would love to know! Comment below.